How does that work?

A good garden design can only be made when your wishes and the garden circumstances are clear. That’s why I take my time to get to know you, your wishes and your demands during an extensive person-to-person conversation. As a guide, I use a list where your family, your taste, your favorite plants and many more subjects (even the sun’s path) are researched. Besides that, we will of course see the garden.

After this meeting I will give you an estimate of the costs involved in the design and planting scheme. This is also the moment when you can make a decision about the assignment. If you do not feel that I am the right person to plan your personal space, we can part company here.

As soon as all information is complete and if necessary the garden is measured, I will start working on the first sketches. In a second meeting I will explain the sketch and the basic ideas. Of course, at this stage the design is still fluid.

After this a more definitive design will be made and if you choose, also a planting scheme.

The execution of the garden can –with the help of lists of materials- be done entirely or partially by yourself. You can also use the design to find a professional gardener to execute the garden. Naturally you can ask ‘Angela’s Tuinen’ to arrange the hard graft for you. I have several partnerships with renowned businesses in the green sector.

During the implementation I can of course guide the realization and if necessary make adjustments. It is important to me that the end result is the result you were looking for.