Who am I?

My name is Angela Warmerdam. I studied at Leiden University and attained a master in the history of art. During my years in college, I was already interested in gardens and gardening. A few years ago I participated in a garden design competition, which to my great pleasure and astonishment I won. My garden design was executed by the Dutch television program ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’ and TV gardener Rob Verlinden. He also dedicated a chapter in his book on perennial plants to my garden design.

Sometimes one thing leads to another, which led me to focus more and more on designing gardens. An education at the ‘Tuinacademie’, and further training in garden architecture have given me more knowledge and understanding of designing outside space .
To keep learning about our green environment and of course designing outside space, I’ve become a member of the professional association of garden and landscape designers BRAVVO (BRAncheorganisatie Voor Vormgevers en Ontwerpers).

Apart from my work as a designer, I am also busy in other creative areas: painting, ceramics, textile arts. Even in these fields, nature is always a huge source of inspiration.